Returns and exchanges of goods at Tattoo Loot

According to Art. 502 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Art. 25 of the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, the consumer has the right to exchange or return goods while simultaneously meeting the following conditions:

  • no more than 14 days have passed since the date of purchase (not counting the day of purchase);
  • non-food product;
  • product of proper quality;
  • The product has not been used, i.e. the packaging is not damaged, there are no signs of use, the complete set is preserved (in case of loss of packaging, tags, labels, etc., a return or exchange is possible in agreement with the store manager);
  • consumer properties are maintained;
  • there is evidence of purchasing the goods in our store: a receipt, another document confirming payment for the goods (in case of loss of a receipt or other document, it is necessary to accurately determine the date of purchase, and only then a return/exchange is possible in agreement with the store administrator);
  • the product is not included in the list of goods that cannot be returned or exchanged;
  • the product is not technically sophisticated.

If these conditions are met, the purchased product can be:

  • exchange for a similar product;
  • return it to the seller, having received the money paid for it.

If the product is of poor quality:

A product of poor quality is a product that has a defect or a significant defect.

A defect in a product is the non-compliance of a product with the mandatory requirements provided for by law or the terms of the contract, or the purposes for which the product is used, or the sample and/or description.

A significant defect of a product is an irremovable defect or a defect that requires disproportionate costs or time, or is identified more than once, or appears again after its elimination.

If a defect is detected, the consumer has the right:

  • demand replacement with a product of the same brand/model/article;
  • demand replacement with the same product of another brand with an appropriate recalculation of the price;
  • demand a proportionate reduction in price;
  • demand the elimination of defects free of charge or reimbursement of costs for eliminating the defect by third parties;
  • refuse to fulfill the purchase and sale agreement and demand a refund of the amount paid for the goods.

The consumer can use these rights only if the inadequate quality was not specified by the seller upon purchase. If certain defects were specified when purchasing a product, this does not deprive the consumer of the right to make claims regarding other defects discovered.

If additional inspection/examination is required to determine the failure of the product, it will be carried out within 20 days from the date of presentation of the requirements.

If the seller does not have the necessary goods, replacement of goods of inadequate quality must be made within a month from the date of presentation of the requirements.

During the repair, the consumer may request that a similar product be provided for temporary use free of charge if the repair is carried out more than 3 days from the date of filing the claim.

All equipment is covered by the manufacturer's original warranty according to the terms specified in the attached warranty card.

Very important

Coverage of costs associated with transportation is not included in the company's warranty obligations and is provided by separate agreement in individual cases.

Items that cannot be exchanged or returned:

  • technically complex household appointment goods;
  • cosmetical tools.

How do I get my money back when returning a product?

When returning goods, we can return funds in several ways: in cash or by transaction to a Sberbank card.

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